Search Committee – Important News Update to the Members of the Church

More than a year and a half ago, members of this Church entrusted the Search Committe with the responsibility of prayerfully selecting a candidate for your approval.  Your requirements were that this candidate was an effective speaker, energetic, creative, have a positive and youthful outlook and obviously possess a strong religious belief.  We have looked […]

Search Committee Update August 2008

Your Search Committee would like to reassure everyone that we’ve been focused and hard at work! Since our formation in March, several meetings have been held and tasks have been completed on schedule. Our first goal was to send out the survey entitled “Leadership Expectations: Called Pastor.” By the June 8th deadline, we had received […]

Summer Dance Program

The summer dance program, run by Alyson Avoglia, was held here in Russell Hall at the First Congregational Church. Sixteen local kids, ages 3-9, signed up for the 4-week program and participated in classes on Tuesday afternoons. Classes were jazz-style dance and students learned basic dance moves and fun routines. For more photos and info […]

Pastor Nan’s Farewell

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. Dear Friends in Christ, Saying farewell is never an easy thing to do. When a minister interviews with a church he or she usually hears something within the interview process that sounds like a spiritual call to them. Within a few […]

Have a Heart – Give a Blanket Drive

A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the success of this year’s “Have a Heart – Give a Blanket” drive. Through your generosity we collected money for 161 blankets. A special thank you also to our friends and neighbors, the Unitarians, who donated 35 blankets towards the total. In Christian Love, Nancy Desautils

Church News April 2008

A Search Committee has been formed to find out next settled minister. The people that will be serving on it were chosen by the Council after considering several factors – age, gender, interest in areas of the church that need attention, and most importantly, they are active members. We are pleased to announce the names […]