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Harvest Fair

How many Congregationalists does it take to hang one wreath?  Check out all the fun we had and what a successful event the Harvest Fair was for the whole town by CLICKING HERE to view more photos

Harvest Fair

Stop by and see us this Saturday, Sept 15, 2012 at the Leicester Harvest Fair.  We will be selling delicious apple crisp with ice cream and our popcorn stand will also be open.  It is a fun day all around.  Be sure to say hi even if you aren’t hungry (though it is hard to […]

Chris Cathcart – Guest Sermon

Thank you Chris for the heartfelt sermon about your faith. Your message touched our hearts.

Phantom Organist

Bob Shauris, our organist, really played the anthem. Cindy LaPointe was on vacation so he just took advantage of our organ’s technology to pre-record the anthem, joining Jackie Henderson to sing the duet. Good job, Bob. It was nice to hear the male voice.

Best Wishes for Pastor’s Move to the Parsonage

Parsonage Memories From Cliff Albrecht In Sunny Florida I read with increasing interest, Pastor Doreen’s “Note” in the Congregational Connections. As I continued to read, more and more memories of my encounters with the Parsonage returned, dripping back in my mind. A few years ago they may have flooded back, but things have slowed down […]