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Search Committee Update

The Search Committee has been meeting every week as they review the 25 potential candidates that have applied to be our new minister. The candidates are from all areas of the United State (Rhi Orsi kindly offered to go hear the minister that was stationed in Hawaii). There are a wide variety of backgrounds and experience […]

Sunday School Dedication to Louise Doe

On Sept. 21, 200, the church dedicated the Sunday School wing to Louise Doe for her over 53 consecutive years of teaching the “little ones”. It was a wonderful service – a lot of credit going to the Sunday School staff and Neil Mulrain for organizing this event. Anne Mulrain gave a wonderful children’s sermon, […]

Harvest Fair Success -Sept 20, 2008

How do you make 39 pans of apple crisp in one night? You get Cindy LaPointe to organize the event. And what a success! As we were assembling the apple crisp the night before the fair, the thought occurred to us that we were crazy. How are we going to keep them warm? How much […]

Recipe Of The Month – October

Apple Crisp 8-10 apples 1/2 cup Sugar 1/2 tsp Cinnamon 1/4 tsp Cloves Peel, core, and slice apples. Combine the sugar and cinnamon together and sprinkle over the apples. Pour into a baking pan (ungreased). Topping 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Flour 1 cup Oats 1 Stick of Butter or Margarine (melted) Mix the Topping Ingredients […]

Welcome To Leicester First Congregational Church

Welcome, What are you doing the rest of your life? It is our hope and prayer that you will want to spend some of that time becoming a part of our faith family. We are the newly reorganized First Congregational Church of Leicester Massachusetts and we want you to know that we are very interested […]