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Do We Miss God’s Plan For Us?

As the floodwaters rise, a man named Sam calls for God’s help. First a neighbor offers him a ladder. “Nope, my God is coming,” Sam replies. Then the police arrive with a rescue boat. “Hop on board!” they instruct him. “Thanks but no thanks,” Sam says, “God will save me.” And finally the national guard provide […]

Strawberry Hill Fair – Nov 8, 2008

New feature this year! In addition to the beautiful knitted table, the Holiday crafts and the Basket raffles, there is limited space to rent a table. If you have a craft or know someone that has a craft they would like to sell, this is a great opportunity. All craft rentals will be subject to […]

August 17th Sermon

Several members of the congregation requested a copy of Rev Nan’s sermon from Aug. 17th. This has been included here, as it speaks to a lot of the challenges we face I knew a young man in college who had never been sick a day in his life until one spring semester. That was a […]

Harvest Fair 2008

Can you believe Sept is right around the corner already! Wow! Summer is flying by. But as the days shorten and the cool air settles in, we look forward to the most beautiful season in New England, the Fall. We are so lucky to have our church on the common, enabling us to share in […]

Search Committee Update August 2008

Your Search Committee would like to reassure everyone that we’ve been focused and hard at work! Since our formation in March, several meetings have been held and tasks have been completed on schedule. Our first goal was to send out the survey entitled “Leadership Expectations: Called Pastor.” By the June 8th deadline, we had received […]

Summer Dance Program

The summer dance program, run by Alyson Avoglia, was held here in Russell Hall at the First Congregational Church. Sixteen local kids, ages 3-9, signed up for the 4-week program and participated in classes on Tuesday afternoons. Classes were jazz-style dance and students learned basic dance moves and fun routines. For more photos and info […]

Pastor Nan’s Farewell

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. Dear Friends in Christ, Saying farewell is never an easy thing to do. When a minister interviews with a church he or she usually hears something within the interview process that sounds like a spiritual call to them. Within a few […]