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Just for Fun….. Test your Bible Knowledge

If you need help with the answer, check the Biblical book, chapter and verse listed. Good Luck! Note: The quotes in this quiz may not exactly match the words in your bible. Questions: On what day did God create humankind? (Genesis 1: 27 – 31) True of False: God made the fish, the birds and […]

Interview with Marie Feeney

Marie is originally from Philadelphia.  When her son and daughter were young, she was a single mother who had recently moved to Falmouth, Ma.  This prompted her to start a Newcomers Club.  It grew to over 1000 members and continues to this day with over 33 chapters.  The Newcomers Club recognized Marie for her efforts.  […]

Singers Needed

As our choir saw itself gradually reduced to a trio, Bob Shauris, our talented organist/director, tackled the time-consuming chore of rewriting some of our sheet music, reducing the four-part harmonies to soprano and alto only. For this reason, we decided that our choir will remain an all-female choir, at least for the immediate future. We […]

Church News April 2008

A Search Committee has been formed to find out next settled minister. The people that will be serving on it were chosen by the Council after considering several factors – age, gender, interest in areas of the church that need attention, and most importantly, they are active members. We are pleased to announce the names […]